Hi. I design digital products from New York, NY. Currently at BuzzFeed leading design for Tasty. Previously at The Hartford and Accenture. I'm interested in design, art, photography, typography, internet culture and anywhere these things meet.

More project details and assets available upon request. Send me an email at campo.gabe@gmail.com.


Web and app design, user experience design, visual design, design systems, visual identity, product strategy, photography, typography


2022, HuffPost

Identity, Web Design

Two month project to create a new visual identity and designs for HuffPost's Voices – a space for personal essays focusing on intersectional identities. Led and executed all design work including competitive research, moodboarding, brand identity, typography, visual design and animation design.

Releases Summer 2022.

Article Headers

2022, HuffPost

App Design

Standardized article headers in the app across all HuffPost departments. This project allowed HuffPost to render all article types natively in the app for the first time.

Releases Summer 2022.

Shop Cookware

2021, Tasty App

App Design, Product Strategy

Conducted user journey evaluations, collaborated on product strategy, and executed all designs to bring cookware shopping functionality into the Tasty app.

Available on the Tasty app.

Quiz & Poll Ads

2021, BuzzFeed Web

Web Design

Created a suite of ad products based on BuzzFeed's popular quizzes. These inclueded two different quiz ads and one poll ad.

Available on BuzzFeed.

Shop Recipes

2021, Tasty Web

Web Design, Product Strategy

Defined project scope and direction based on an analysis of Tasty sales data from our app and campaigns on third party services.

Designed a single page shopping experience that could either be used to buy recipes on Tasty's website, or linked to from social posts to shop Tasty recipes off social media. This new approach was 4x more successful than our app's approach when measuring for sales per page view.

Available on Tasty.

Build Your Recipe Videos

2020, Tasty

App Design

Collaborated with Eko to bring build your own recipe videos into the Tasty app. Led design from user journey mapping and wireframing through visual design and prototyping.

Available on the Tasty app.

Blue Check

2020, BuzzFeed News Web

Web Design, Identity

Hackweek project to design a website to collect tips on police violence. Designed tip submission flow and submissions search feature.

Good Luck Being Old

2019, Personal Project

Photography, Web Design, Web Dev

A series of street photographs plotted on a map in the places those photos were taken.

Available here.

Leave Management

2018, The Hartford

Web Design

Led design work to add leave of absence management features to The Hartford's insurance portal. This was building on the MyBenefits portal I had worked on previously.

Converted complicated leave data into easy to consume charts and graphs to help users manage their time away from work. Added multi-step flows for requesting time off.

Available to Hartford customers.

My Benefits

2017, The Hartford

Web Design, Project Management

Led UX for a full redesign of The Hartford's disability insurance portal. Started by creating an atomic design system in collaboration with two visual designers. Used and expanded this design system as I built out several disability management pages and flows.

Helped define the project schedule, significant milestones, and test plan. The project took about 8 months to complete.

Available to Hartford customers.

Other Work


Some smaller projects from here and there.